Bobbi Maxwell Bio

Raised as a middle child among nine siblings, Bobbi Maxwell learned to use her voice to stand out, in more ways than one! She used the knobs from her poster bed as a makeshift “mic” to belt out her favorite songs on the radio and would lock herself in the bathroom reading the backs of toiletry bottles out loud like an announcer. It was no surprise she chose a radio broadcasting course in high school as an elective and was the first female on the school’s 100 watt station. Within a year of graduation, she had a full-time radio gig in Las Vegas, NV.
Through the decades of being on the air in different markets and formats, Bobbi also found a love of voicing radio commercials and started her “side hustle” as a freelance voice actor in the late 2000s. Once she left the radio business to do VO full-time, she ventured into other genres, including corporate narration, promo, automotive, animation, radio imaging, IVR and e-learning. But her true passion lies in political voice over where she has been nominated for Reed and Sovas Awards for her work. Her work includes voicing for the campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis, Mike McCarthy and countless other political messages. You may have also heard Bobbi on ads/promos for Charles Schwab, Animal Planet, Nike, Houston Astros, Deloitte, Mastercard, Overstock, Fox Sports, Marvel and many more.
When she’s not busy in the studio, Bobbi has an avid interest in traveling the world, including visits to Hong Kong, Thailand, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Mexico and all over the US. Narrating travel documentaries is high on her VO bucket list! Spending time with extended family, pets, gardening, sporting events and concerts are also passions.
Having both come from radio, the podcast is a natural for Bobbi and Kevin. The gift of gab, humor and great timing all make for an entertaining and informative listen, and has earned them several Sovas awards for best VO podcast. Plus, they get to share their knowledge and joy of a business they both love voiceover.