Kevin Kilpatrick Bio


Ever since stepping onto a stage at age 5, Kevin Kilpatrick had an unshakable desire to perform. Some may call it youngest-child-syndrome, too. Nevertheless, throughout his school years and into college, he was always acting; even attending college on a theatre scholarship. After college and a successful 18-year career as a radio personality, Kevin made the leap to full-time voice actor and producer in 2004.


Today, Kevin is an Emmy-nominated and multiple SOVAS award-winning voice actor and producer. Among the joys of his work is documentary narration. Kevin loves working with producers to help tell compelling stories. He’s proudly narrated projects featuring Hitler, Robin Williams, Deion Sanders, and Hollywood Scandals among others. His documentary narration has been featured on National Geographic, REELZ, PBS, as well as independent platforms.
Commercially speaking, he’s voiced commercials for GE, Hard Mountain Dew, Aleve, Cracker Barrel Cheese, American Express, FedEx, Remington, Nutri-System and others. He’s proud to be a regular narrator for corporate clients Apple, Pepsi, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Pizza Hut, Kia, Lowe’s and countless others.


One of his “bread and butter” genres to voice though is automotive. Kevin can be heard nationwide in over 50 markets helping automotive dealers “move metal.” Having a dad who was a diesel mechanic made this a natural fit. His reads are versatile and effective for automotive clients from New York to Houston and Phoenix to Seattle.


Not everyone knows this about Kevin but in addition to his voice-acting work, he’s also been a producer since 2004. Kevin started his production career working at a local radio station in Magnolia, Arkansas. At the time, he edited with quarter-inch audio tape, a grease pencil and razor blade. Thankfully, technology has advanced. Always a believer in the power of audio helping tell the story, he pours his passion into every production or sound-design project. Kevin has worked on audio for Spider Man, Justin Bieber, Iron Man, Honda, Black Panther and countless others.


Another fun fact about him is that he is an avid sports fan. Away from the studio, chances are you will find Kevin on the golf course, tennis courts or at the ball field. He’s also passionate about broadcasting sports. Kevin has been the baseball, football and basketball play-by-play announcer for various levels of sports, including Division I College, state sports championships and The Babe Ruth World Series. He still broadcasts select sports opportunities. In addition to broadcasting sports, Kevin’s voiceover work has been featured on projects for Coach Prime on Amazon Prime, The LA Soccer Club, Canada’s National Soccer Teams, The Miami Dolphins and others. Want to talk sports? Kevin is the guy you want to chat with, preferably over a nice glass of bourbon.


The Making Wavs VO Podcast is a true labor of love. Kevin and Bobbi thoroughly enjoy “talking-shop” and having some laughs too. The podcast features guest interviews and discussions about all things Voice-over. They both had radio careers prior to working full time in Voiceover. The podcast is a great outlet that scratches that itch.